Polypropylene Polypropylene Granule Products production in our plant with great experience in the quality of our company;        In the production of plastic granules, all domestic orders are answered. We produce Moblen Granules and Moblen Burrs with great care without sacrificing our quality 24/7 with our professional team with our high capacity facility ...

FLORA PLAST; Black, White, Brown, Moblen are produced by our company.
As Flora Plast in Izmir, our company has great experience in the production of tapestry; It uses the latest technology Recycling Machines in the production of Plastic Granules and it produces Moblen with great care without sacrificing our quality 7/24 with our Professional team.

* White Polypropylene Granules, (PP) Black Polypropylene Granules, (PP) Coffee Granules (PP)
* Black Burr (PP), White Polypropylene Burr, Jerrycan Burr, Case Eltex (464), Blue White Elteks Burr, Black Elteks Burr, 10 Antishock Burrs